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Frog & Garden Ornament Shop, Gifts, Collectables, Souvenirs
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Buy from this extensive range of replicas and souvenirs, gifts and collectables of all things Australian, from Aboriginal figurines to pythons and native frogs
Replicas and stylised figurines of the animals and birds of the Australian bush and rianforest. Cast in polyresin from original sculptures by Australian artists and hand-painted
Australian Rainforest & Bush Wildlife
A unique range of decorations for your Christmas Tree. The animals, dressed in their Christmas finery, are from different parts of the world -- great souvenirs. What better way to remember your travels to special places?
This is the home of the Pod Babies -- Jane Ellwell's book and CD and the collectable figurines
True-to-life replicas, in polyresin of birds native to Australia and New Zealand
These Black Cat Ornaments are crafted from polyresin and finished in a low-sheen satin black. Very elegant and chiseled figurines
A range of elegant Country Mice polyresin figurines, dressed in the garb of yesteryear.
A beautiful collection of ornamental swans, snipes, herons, geese, ducks and wizards. There is something here to interest everyone.
Some of this range is shown at right -- beautiful little numbers to enliven your tabletop or mantelpiece -- and there's a little frog lurking in every one. . .
A variety of fridge magnets which feature geckos and frogs.
An extensive range of polyresin frog figurines, some stylised, some replicas of nature. Australian-designed. Something for everyone and every price range. Frog Ornaments, Figurines, Gifts, Collectables.
A selection of Gnomes, designed by Glen Singleton and created by Lindsay Muir.
Great way to brighten up your potted herbs or herb garden. The plaques tilt back and come with a 250mm steel stake.
Jewellery rocks, something unique, a Frog or a Panda on top of the Rock Jewellery Box. There is also the Saw- Shelled Turtle & Frog jewellery box where the shell of the turtle is the lid.
This range of mirrors is adorned with Frogs and Geckos in polyresin.
A range of panda replicas available as ornaments to liven up a room, photo frames and jewellery boxes.
A neat range of polyresin stylised sea creatures from around the Australian coast.
A various assortment of wall hangings from photo frames to Frogs on logs, there is something to interest everyone.
An assorted range of our figurines and ornaments from Thorny devils to art gecko.
On-line shop for hundreds of beautifully crafted unique gift lines, ornaments, replicas of frogs, mice, birds, cats, strawberry girls, lizards, snakes, novelties, reptiles, tree frogs, garden and indoor ornaments

Frog & Garden Ornament Shop, Gifts, Collectables, Souvenirs
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